Common Types of Commercial Plumbing Issues & Repairs

There are all sorts of commercial plumbing issues that happen to properties all over the country, and what’s alarming about these plumbing problems is that they’re typically much worse than the issues that residential properties face.

This is because commercial plumbing systems are typically much more complex as compared to their residential counterparts, so when issues come up, they tend to be pretty intense.

Below we’ll be going over some of the most common issues and repair jobs that commercial properties experience:

Sewer Line Blockages

Every commercial property relies heavily upon their sewer lines to carry away wastewater from many different bathrooms. This means that sewer line blockages can quickly get out of hand in commercial properties, and most of us don’t think about our sewer lines until it’s too late.

Grease, corrosion, improper flushing and tree roots are common causes of sewer line blockages and clogs, and these types of scenarios will require professional plumbers to fully resolve.

Low Water Pressure (Or None At All)

Low water pressure is another common issue within commercial plumbing systems, and pressure drops are often connected to insufficient pumps, clogged pipes, or issues with your system’s valves. A lot of commercial properties will utilize water pumps to maintain water pressure, so it could possibly mean that your property’s water pump needs to be examined.

Water pressure drops are often a mystery for building managers, so the only true way to diagnose your low water pressure is to get a specialist to check things out and return the property’s water pressure back to normal again.

Malfunctioning Toilet Handles

A lot of commercial plumbing systems get abused, and people tend to treat commercial toilet handles far too aggressively. This often leads to malfunctioning toilet handles, so this is another one of the most common commercial plumbing issues.

Although corrosion and other causes can also create toilet handle malfunctions, it’s important to remember that this issue can actually pose health concerns. No matter what type of toilet flushing mechanisms your commercial property has, you’ll need to get them regularly inspected by experts to ensure their long-term durability.

Silently Leaking Pipes

There are plenty of scenarios when pipe leaks are rather apparent, but there are plenty of other situations in which it’s difficult for property managers to detect these types of plumbing leaks. This type of undetectable leak commonly occurs behind walls and underground, so commercial properties can waste a ton of water before finally realizing that something is wrong.

Here are some warning signs associated with these types of pipe leaks:

  • Blistering paint
  • Musty smells
  • Bulging walls
  • Plants growing faster in one part of a lawn
  • Soil staying wet in one area
  • Abnormally high water bills

Faucet Leaks

Dripping faucets happen frequently at commercial properties, and a lot of building managers will let these plumbing issues linger far too long. It’s wild just how much water one leaky faucet can waste, because over several months it can lead to thousands of wasted gallons.

So if you’re noticing any leaks coming from your property’s faucets, it’s important to get it fixed as quickly as possible to ensure proper water conservation.

Malfunctioning Bathroom Sensors

A lot of commercial properties have automatic sensors in their bathrooms to help them with flushing, as well as dispensing soap and paper towels. There are plenty of ways these sensors can malfunction, but it’s always an inconvenience when these types of sensor issues arise.

What’s even more concerning is that these issues often require a commercial plumber with extensive electrical experience, because this issue is typically connected to electrical malfunctions.

Foul Sewer Smells

No one likes entering a business and smelling sewer odors, so this is the type of plumbing issue that can potentially shut down businesses. It’s never a good look to have this type of noticeable plumbing issue happen, so it’s something that business owners and building managers have to take very seriously.

This type of issue is often connected to a vent system failure or blockage, which then leads to sewer gases inadvertently escaping into your building. There are all sorts of potential causes of sewer smells in commercial properties, so it’s crucial to mitigate these smells as quickly as possible!

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Commercial plumbing is always much different than residential plumbing, so it’s important to make sure that your commercial property is being managed by a plumbing team with extensive relevant experience.

You can speak directly with the commercial plumbing specialists at Yoder Plumbing via the link at the top of this page to learn more about how you can better manage your building’s plumbing system when things go wrong!

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