The Timeless Look of Timber Furniture

Despite the emergence of composite materials, it is hard to beat the timeless elegance of solid timber, and regarding home furnishings, many UK homeowners prefer to commission a joiner to make their furniture, which will last a lifetime.

Range of Items

There are joiners in York who can create anything from a kitchen table to fitted wardrobes, and if you fancy replacing that old staircase, a joiner is the person to talk to. Here are just a few projects a joiner can tackle:

  • Staircase
  • Fitted wardrobes
  • Fitted kitchen
  • Dining room table and chairs
  • French doors

A joiner can even create something complex like a rocking chair, and with your choice of timber, there isn’t anything they can’t build.

Value for Money

While it is true that wooden furniture that is hand crafted by a joiner will cost more than a flat-pack item, it will last a lifetime, which makes for great value for money. They don’t make furniture like they used to, but by commissioning a joiner, you can have any item built, and when you consider the durability and style, it is far better value than any modern purchase.

Made to Measure

If you wish to make the very best use of available space in the kitchen or bedroom, why not have a joiner make shelves and cupboards that fit perfectly into the space? This is the ideal solution for a small or narrow room, and the beauty of bespoke fittings is you get to design the units.

You could make a list of things you are thinking about having done, then using an online business directory, source a local joiner and invite him round for an informal chat. You might be surprised at what he can do for you, and it won’t cost as much as you might think.

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