How Do You Replace a Kitchen Mixer Sink Tap?

If you need to replace the kitchen mixer then here we are going to take you through the very simple, 6 steps which you need to follow in order to do just that. More and more people are looking to take on tasks like this, rather than hiring a professional, and in reality this is not an overly complicated job.

As with any DIY job, it is important that you have everything you need in terms of tools before you start the job, read through the guide and ensure you understand each step before you begin to change the kitchen tap.


For this job you will need a towel, silicon, open-ended spanners, a cleaning cloth, pliers and PTFE tape in the event that you have a bridge combination tap.

Turn Off The Water

Always remember before you take on any plumbing work, to turn off the water supply. This will ensure that you don’t end up with a flooded kitchen should anything go wrong.

Disconnect The Tap

Now you need to disconnect the old kitchen mixer. You may have a standard or flexible connection here, neither of which should cause you any problem. If you have a standard hose connection then all you need to do is remove the screws which connect the hose to the pipe. If you have a flexible connection you need to remove the nuts where they join the mains. Once you have disconnected, cut the silicon around the tap and remove.

Clean Down

Make sure that you give the area around the old tap a good clean and allow it to dry before commencing to install the new kitchen tap. This will remove any mildew build up and give you a blank slate to start from.

Mount New Tap

Now you should follow the instructions on your tap as to how to connect it, as it may be a bridge combination tap which requires a little more work to connect. Sit the tap above the hole in the sink and then feed the hoses down through to the pipework below. The large majority of models come with pre-fitted hoses, so simply reconnect them to the valves which you disconnected the old tap from.

Securing The Tap

Once you have reconnected the main supply for the tap, all that is left to do is secure the tap to the sink. Use transparent silicon around the base of the tap and hold in place for a couple of minutes until it begins to hold fast.

Turn On Water Supply

And finally you need to turn the water supply back on and check to see if the tap works. Leave the water running for a couple of minutes to ensure that you have no leaks in the system. If there are leaks then revisit each valve and nut which you have placed, and double check that they are tight enough.

And there you have it, a brand new kitchen mixer, fitted by you, allowing you to save money paying a plumber for the installation. Remember to take your time and double check everything before turning the water supply back on.

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