Mark Roemer Oakland Reveals Why Wrought Iron Gates Are Becoming Popular in Properties


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, wrought iron gates are one of the most popular gate options and many homeowners prefer them due to the numerous advantages they offer. If you are planning to install a new gate on your property, wrought iron gates can be a suitable option depending on your requirements.

The Reasons

Here are a few reasons why wrought iron gates are becoming popular in properties:

  1. Customizable design options – One of the benefits of choosing wrought iron gates is the ability to order bespoke designs that allow you to blend them with the unique decor style of your property. Wrought iron gates are malleable and thus, you can completely customize the different design elements such as the curves, complex spirals, intricate patterns or designs, decorative insets, and more.

Plus, when you consider the other building materials such as steel, glass, timber, brickwork, you can create a truly stunning design that elevates the perceived value of your property to a whole new level.

  1. Security – The primary reason to install a gate in your property is to make it more secure and wrought iron gates are incredibly secure. They are very sturdy, and you can fit them with additional security features such as automatic openers to prevent intruders while also making them more convenient to operate.

Wrought iron gates are secured deep in the ground and thus, can withstand tremendous physical impact. They are extremely hard to cut through, break, or destroy. Although they feature an open design, you can customize the design to inhibit ‘too widely spaced’ bars and prevent intruders from climbing over the gates or slipping through them.

  1. Ease of installation – One of the reasons why most homeowners tend to choose wrought iron gates over other types of gates is the ease of installation. You simply need a space of about 7-8 feet apart to install your custom wrought iron gates and you can get the installation of the gate completed over the weekend. All you need to do is set the posts, use the horizontal frame for the mounting bracket, and finally screw it onto the post.
  1. Durability and ease of maintenance – Wrought iron gates are much more durable than wooden or vinyl gates and much more resistant to day-to-day wear and tear. Wrought iron gates can survive unexpected impacts and suffer little damage even when exposed to harsh weather elements. Thus, they are incredibly durable.

As a result, they require little maintenance to keep them in top condition. You only need to clean them when they get dirty by scrubbing and apply a new coat of paint when required.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you install wrought iron gates in your property to make it secure and improve the aesthetic appeal of your property. The classic and timeless designs of wrought iron gates can keep your property secure and protected while also preserving the natural beauty inside your property since their ‘open design’ doesn’t block the view from outside.

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