The Cost-Effective Way to Protect your Home

Wherever you live, break-ins are part and parcel of urban living, and you only have to take a quick look at the local paper to see that the most common type of theft is house-breaking. We are not talking about dedicated criminal gangs with all the equipment, rather a person who is looking for that 5-minute window when he can nip in through the back door, and be gone again within a few minutes, taking what he can carry.

The Typical House Burglar

These guys hand around housing estates, looking and listening, sizing up properties and if you are leaving to take your kids to school and he sees an open window, he’ll go for it, knowing he has at least 5 minutes. They obviously do not wish to encounter anyone, and they have their way of finding out if the home is occupied, and if it isn’t then he will get to work. Once inside, his eyes are scanning everywhere, and any IT devices will be quickly picked up, as with jewellery, cash, or indeed, anything of value that can easily be carried. A quick check in the master bedroom, going through the drawers (most people keep something of value there) and then he’s back down again and out of your home and that’s it!

Security Screens

If you want to be absolutely sure that no one can gain access, install security screens on all the doors and windows, and don’t worry, the latest generation of domestic security screens are very attractive. There are no off-the-shelf solutions with home security, as the system is designed around the property, and if you are looking for security screen doors in Bunbury, there is a local company with a great range of security solutions.

Double Glazing

Double-glazed replacement windows offer many benefits, one being the added security; the seasoned house-breaker would never try to gain access unless a window was open, as he knows it is impossible. Once you have your windows replace, do the same with your doors, and there are some very attractive designs that won’t make your home look like Fort Knox. With doors and windows that are designed to keep people out, you can go away on that foreign holiday knowing your home is secure.

Slimline and Attractive

Domestic security screening actually enhances the property, and with almost any colour that can be powder coated, you can create an attractive contrast, while protecting against intruders. If you would like to know more about domestic security screening, there is likely to be a supplier not too far away, and he would be happy to pay you a home visit to discuss your options.

The most important aspect of home security is the deterrent factor, and by fitting security screens to your windows and doors, you are sending out the right message. Those who make a living stealing from people’s homes are all too familiar with security screens and would simply look for an unprotected house, of which there are plenty!

Take steps to protect your home by installing security screens and you’ll be glad that you did.

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