Things to Consider When Installing Skylights

Skylights are an attractive addition to any room in your establishment. Aside from the aesthetic, it can also impose other benefits. One is improved ventilation and an increase in the overall desirability of your building. The addition of a skylight is an intelligent way to infuse natural light into a dark space. But before you fully decide to install your very own skylight, learn more about the installation process and how to choose the best place for a skylight. 

Don’t Cut Back on Quality

Energy efficiency, sound reduction, and other factors such as load and wind resistance are important considerations. You can lower heating and cooling costs when you choose the perfect skylight for your establishment. Skylights are known to be one of the causes of energy leaks, but this often occurs when you purchase inexpensive or poorly installed models. Some manufacturers have offered skylights with better energy efficiency in recent times. 

Skylights with better features can increase circulation and decrease heat in hot weather. You can try exploring additional options like shading, UV coatings, and ventilation. In addition, many manufacturers offer high-quality products made from sustainable materials to protect the environment. Installing a skylight is a severe undertaking, and you want to make sure you’ll be satisfied with your decision later on.

Carefully Choose the Placement

Skylight placement is determined mainly by the order of your building’s rafters. Plan accordingly and keep a space plan or blueprint handy before you start cutting out sections of your roof. To easily access your roof, you can consider installing ladder access for roof hatches. With this, you can easily monitor your roof to find the perfect place to install your skylight.

Avoid Skylight Glare

When installing skylights, you would want to think of placing them in an area that minimizes the chances of unwanted sun glare. Glare doesn’t just make a particular room too bright, but it can also make it unbearably hot and make it intolerable to be within the room. Sun glare can also wash out fabrics and could cause fading. You can avoid this instance by adding a shade or filter to the skylight.

Create the Illusion of Space

More often, natural lighting doesn’t reach all the corners of a room, making the space less inviting. Add an adequately placed skylight, and all corners of the room will receive light, making the area appear more expansive. The skylight also helps enhance a room by bringing the outside in and further increasing the room’s perceived size.

Shape Controls the Light

Does your room feel small and cramped? Room additions can be expensive, but you won’t have to worry since installing a skylight might fit right into your budget. Rooms can tend to feel smaller than they are when some light can’t reach all the corners of the area. All it takes is one correctly placed skylight to make a massive difference in the room. You can also choose the shape of the skylight based on where you want the light to go into your room. Skylights that flare to the side will tend to spread the light more evenly. Those with straight sides will direct sunlight in a straight line. 

Eliminate Heat Gain

Heat gain can make your room uncomfortable, especially during hot summers. You can opt for a skylight made with tempered, double-insulated glass with Low-E coatings, preferably argon gas, and a bronze tint between the panes. This skylight type reduces heat gain the most and can make skylights feasible even on the south and west sides of the home.

Consider Installing Vented Skylights

One smart way to keep your home cool and still enjoy the natural light that skylights offer is to install a vented skylight. It allows fresh air into the room and lets the heat out. Choose skylights that have a motorization feature instead of those that open manually for easier usage. It would also be best to have one that can vent or open to help increase fresh air and decrease heat in the room with the skylight. Some skylights open manually, while others feature motorization.

Skylights are a great add-on to any room if you want a more refreshed-looking and energy-efficient room. But, it is always best that you know what to expect when installing skylights, so you won’t regret it once the installation is complete. Be sure to consult with professionals and do more research on the correct type of skylight you want. 

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