Caring for your trees is essential, be it for your property, health or environment. When trees are properly looked after they add aesthetic value to your landscape and also have health benefits. However, trees also need to be looked after. Al Miley & Associates will help you to maintain your landscape and take care of the trees around. Sometimes due to certain reasons, a tree needs to be removed. Here is all that you need to know about when can a tree be removed and what happens in tree removal. 

When can a tree be removed?

A tree can be removed only under certain circumstances. A tree can be removed when it is dead ad can’t be saved any longer. Also when the top of the tree is broken or it has a large damaged limb which poses a danger to the people and property around it. When a tree is too close to a building, power line or other structure, you can get permission to remove it. It can also be removed when it has been damaged in a storm or the roots are damaging the underground infrastructure like water pipes, gas lines and electrical wires. You can also get a tree removed when it has become an inconvenience to you like it is blocking sunlight or your driveway. These are just some of the situations in which you can get permission for removing the tree. 

What is the process of tree removal?

Removing a tree doesn’t simply mean chopping off the trunk. It needs to be carried out systematically without harming anyone. For the tree to be removed safely, a person needs to climb up on the tree with all the safety gear and cut it into small and manageable pieces. Here are certain services which fall under tree removal.

Limb Chipping: The very first step in removing the tree is chipping off the limbs. These limbs can be recycled around the property. Some of the companies provide free chipping services when you hire them for tree removal. However, when you are simply opting for it, it can cost you above $200.

Tree Trunk Removal: Tree removal involves removing the complete tree. The trunk of the tree needs to be removed once the tree has been chopped off. Tree removal services entail cutting the trunk into smaller sections and hauling them away. Removing the trunk can be a tiresome task. It costs above $200.

Stump Removal: The cost of removing the stump is not included in trunk removal. Removing stump requires specialized equipment. It can only be done by a person who is skilled and has previous experience. Hence, you would be required to pay extra for this service. The cost of removing the stump is dependent on the diameter of the stump and the condition. In case, the stump of the tree is rotten then it will be easier to remove it making the removal cheaper. Removing a healthy stump might cost you more.

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