4 Absolutely Divine Pooja Room Colour Combinations You Need to Try

You should never choose the colours of your bedroom, dining room, or living room design. This is because they have a huge influence on your mood and feelings. Similarly, you should be very careful while choosing the colours of your pooja room. This space requires colours that can create a serene and auspicious atmosphere. There are lots of combinations you can consider for this purpose. However, if you are not sure about which colour combination you should pick for your pooja room design, here are a few options:

01 of 04 Make the space appear pure with shades of white

Add purity to your pooja room design by introducing different shades of white. This is one of the very few colours that can never go wrong in the pooja room. However, this does not mean you will have to go for a completely white pooja room. If you find it boring, a few light wall textures and patterns can be added for an appealing look. There are a few other important things you will have to keep in mind if you opt for a white pooja room. For instance, make sure the interiors of the pooja room feature a minimalist design. This will help to light up the space beautifully and make it appear more spacious. Also, the idols in your mandir design will become the centre of attention.

One important thing you will have to keep in mind if you choose a white pooja room is that it requires high maintenance. This is because white is a light colour and dirt is easily visible on it. Hence, you will have to clean your pooja room frequently or it will look dirty. Even if you choose easily cleanable items for the pooja room, keeping a white pooja room clean will take a lot of effort.

02 of 04 Consider golden for a luxurious appeal

Give your pooja room a luxurious appeal by choosing golden for the interiors. Many people love the royal feel that it brings to the place. Moreover, the colour proves to be the perfect backdrop for the idols. If you can use the colours properly, it will reveal the idols’ radiance. This colour shines like no other in light and creates a stunning look in your pooja room design. However, make sure that you do not overdo it and the colour becomes overwhelming. For instance, you can add only gold metalwork to your pooja room, This will ensure that the idols stay the highlight of your room and do not get overshadowed.

03 of 04 Stick to simple colour combinations like cream and beige

Many people love sticking to simple and warm colours for their dining room or living room design. You can use them to create a very soothing pooja room as well. These are very popularly used by people who want a ‘natural’ tone. While it is preferred for creating a sacred place, shades of beige and cream set a tone of neutrality. You can give your pooja room interiors a sophisticated and elegant look but not as lustrous as golden. There are various ways you can introduce cream and beige in your pooja room. For instance, you can choose being and cream blinds, lighting fixtures, marble flooring, etc.

Many people find the neutral tone monotonous and boring. If you want to add more visual interest to the space, just add a few layers of textures.

04 of 04 Make the space more vibrant with dual-tone colours

People avoid adding bold colours to pooja room interiors often because they are afraid about how it might appear. Hues orange or rich red are not considered appropriate for a place of worship because they are not associated with serenity or peace. However, this should not be the case as bright and bold colours can appear good in your pooja room as well. Just make sure you always go for dual colours when adding any bright colour. While one of the colours can be a bright colour like red, the other colour should be a light neutral colour like white or beige. This simple trick is very commonly used by experts while designing home interiors to ensure that the bright colour does not appear overpowering.

Bright colours like orange should be added to the pooja room and mandir design because it is considered Vastu-friendly. It is no surprise given that marigold is one of the most commonly used flowers in the pooja room. Moreover, the colour orange gives the pooja room interior design a pious feel.

The aforementioned colours are some of the best options you can consider for your pooja room. There are many other options you can choose as well. Just make sure that the interiors appear serene and spacious.

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