Matt Davies Stockton Considers Small House Interior Design


According to Matt Davies Stockton, it can be challenging to design the interior of your house, especially if it is a small space since low space, is a major limitation. However, you can make your living quarters look wonderful by following smart decorating tips that will help you to maximize the utility of the space.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to design the interior of a small house:

  1. Utilize the vertical space – When it comes to improving the decor and functionality of small living apartments, you cannot go wrong by incorporating floor-to-ceiling shelving, adding built-in seating, and utilizing the space above the window frame.

Although small apartments have less actual floor space, you can easily combat this limitation by utilizing vertical real estate. This will ensure that you are not crowding the limited horizontal space and creating an untidy mess. Plus, it will also elevate the look of the entire property.

  1. Choose your furniture carefully – The choice of furniture and how you arrange the furniture in a small apartment can have a massive effect on the decor and functionality of the space. For instance, it is not a necessity to fill your apartment with multiple small pieces of furniture and overcrowd it. Instead, it is a much better option to invest in multipurpose furniture that serves multiple purposes but also takes up less floor space.

However, it is important to be smart about your furniture choice as well. For instance, a large size bed in a small bedroom will only make the room feel more cramped. Instead, it is better to invest in a mid-sized storage bed that comes with an attractive headboard or a platform bed to create a focal point.

Similarly, you can invest in a few statement pieces in the living room to really draw attention and improve the beauty of the small space.

  1. Use the power of lighting and mirror – A lack of lighting in small apartments and homes can make it seem even duller. Thus, ensure you remove the blinds from the windows during the daytime to let in as much natural light as possible. You can invest in table and floor lamps if you have adequate floor space. Otherwise, you can invest in artificial lighting solutions such as pendant lighting, wall sconces, and string lights that don’t take up prime real estate.

Finally, you can make use of mirrors to give the illusion of more square footage since mirrors help to reflect the light back. It is recommended that you use large mirrors since they not only look better but are more functional as well.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests you opt for bold color patterns and textures since it is one of the best ways to enhance the appeal of a small space. For instance, you can opt for wallpapers that feature bold prints and textures to make the rooms more interesting and attractive. However, ensure you don’t go overboard and keep things balanced.

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