Plumbing is one of the critical systems in your house. A good plumbing system ensures there are no water leaks around your home which can lead to other problems like mold growth, and that you have an adequate supply of water around your house. But did you know that your actions are the biggest threats to your plumbing system? Whether consciously or unconsciously, some things you do can ruin your plumbing system, and the best way to avoid them is to know them.

Flushing wipes

Every plumber will tell you that wipes are a nightmare. They become compacted over time as they go through the drain, resulting in a drain clog. Even if they are written flushable, you should not flush them down the toilet. One problem these wipes cause is when the water rises your toilet or bathtubs. Avoid flushing anything else other than toilet paper.

Pouring grease down the drain

According to plumbing experts at Auckland plumbing company, one of the worst things you can do to your plumbing system is pour grease down the drain after cooking. As the oil moves down the drain, it solidifies in the cooler faucet water sticking to the walls of the pipes, where a thick gunky blockage starts to form. As a result, the drain line may have to be hydro jetted to clear the blockage costing you more money and time.

Improper use of sealant tapes

Another common mistake homeowners make is failure to use thread sealant tapes or improper use when changing a showerhead or connecting threaded metal pipes. Ideally, you should wind the tape properly to seal the connection well and make it easier to disconnect in the future.

You should wrap it clockwise three to five times; otherwise, it will unravel when you screw on the pipe fitting or showerhead. Also, select a suitable tape, and use the right color to match the fixture’s finish to make it less visible.

Using the wrong drain cleaner

Many people use drain cleaners for unclogging drains because it dissolves the blockage. But one of the mistakes is using the wrong drain cleaner. When there is a complete blockage, many people choose the most acidic drain cleaner they can get believing that it will quickly dissolve the blockage.

But it can damage the plumbing fixtures, whether stainless steel or porcelain. If your drain is blocked, it is best to call a plumber to fix it and ask about the right drain cleaner. A plunger is also handy.

Not knowing the location of the main water supply valves

Some homeowners do not know where their main water supply valve is located. It is crucial in emergencies. For instance, you can shut off the main water supply valve in case of a burst pipe preventing water damage in your house. Ask the plumber to show you where it is to be on the safe side.

Wrapping up

Always make good use of your garbage bin by throwing away what is not flushable and flushing only tissue paper.


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