8 Budget-Friendly Tips to Revamp your Bathroom in 2022

Do you feel like your bathroom doesn’t match the vibe of the rest of your home design? If yes, then maybe it’s time for you to spruce up your bathroom and spice things up. Worried you will have to spend a fortune? Absolutely not!

We believe that you can elevate the look and feel of your bathroom without breaking the bank. Wondering how? Read along as we share with you 8 easy bathroom interior design tips to transform your bathroom.

  1. Choose the DIY route 

A sure shot way to cut down on your bathroom remodelling expense is to go the DIY way. However, remember to seek professional help for plumbing as the last thing you want to come home to is a flooded bathroom. Look for cheap and quirky tiles, floorings and paints online and spend your lazy summer Sundays revamping your bathroom.

  1. Go for unexpected hues

Who says you must stick to the neutrals when it comes to your bathroom? Have you ever seen a plum or teal colour powder room? No? Well, you can paint one for yourself. Get creative and paint your bathroom walls in dusty pink, teal, powder blue or any colour your heart desires. These hues will instantly add elegance to your bathroom and make it look expensive. Just make sure that you choose moisture resistant and washable paint for your bathroom.

  1. Pay attention to the window treatment 

Go for large windows which will make sure that your bathroom looks bright and spacious. Choose soft and light drapes and blinds for your bathroom that will dress your windows and accentuate the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

  1. Replace the old bathroom fittings 

A rusty bathroom fitting will mar the aesthetic of the entire bathroom. So, one of the cheapest ways to revamp your bathroom is to replace the broken hardware and bathroom fittings with new shiny ones. A pro tip is to go for brass and copper hardware as they instantly make your bathroom look rich. Another tip is to ensure that all the bathroom fittings are of the same material so that they look cohesive together.

  1. Revive your bathroom furniture 

Don’t throw away your existing bathroom furniture only because they look old and rusty. Spend a weekend with them and paint and polish them. You can breathe back life into your old bathroom furniture by painting them in quirky hues and adding stylish hardware to them.

  1. Install wallpapers 

Do you want to install a fancy marble wall behind your bathroom sink but are unwilling to empty your pockets? Lucky for you, we have got your back. Consider applying a peel and stick wallpaper behind the sink. These wallpapers come in a wide range of contemporary home design effects like faux marble, brick, tile and wood. The best part is that unless you mention it to your guests, they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

  1. Get stylish with storage 

A decluttered bathroom is the first step to revamping your bathroom interior design. So, look through your bathroom cabinets and throw away products that have expired. Next, invest in stylish storage accessories like soap dispensers, open shelves, etagere, wicker baskets and marble trays that will help you keep your bathroom organised.

  1. Pay attention to details

It’s the small things that set the mood of your powder room. So, invest in good quality towels, add a scented candle or potpourri next to your sink, go for dramatic shower curtains, paint your wooden floorboards in a bright colour and add a touch of green by keeping an air-purifying plant in your bathroom.

So, which of these bathroom interior design tips is your favourite? Visit the Asian Paints website to find budget-friendly bathroom makeover ideas to try in 2022.

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