Quick and Affordable Summer Renovation Ideas

Summer is the perfect time to take on extra renovation projects. Not only are many of us able to take time off from work but the weather is far more accommodating to many home renovation projects, especially those that require you to be outdoors. Additionally, as the UK’s housing market continues its buoyancy alongside an extended stamp duty holiday, a greater number of first-time homeowners are finding themselves with a property to transform into their very own.

Renovation, however, can be intimidating for first-time homeowners, both in terms of cost and required skills. It prevents many from taking on certain projects, leaving them without the potential comfort of a home design that’s entirely theirs. We recommend that you work your way up to these projects, taking on smaller renovations that allow you to slowly gain confidence, as well as helping you collect the essential tools along the way. And summer is the perfect time for this.

To get you started, here four quick and affordable summer renovation ideas.

Paint Your Exterior

Believe it or not, paint has the amazing ability to add value to a house. For the cost of the materials, and the time it takes to complete the work, you can significantly improve the appearance and appeal of your home with relative ease.

To paint the exterior of your home, whether with a brand new colour or a fresh coat, is a job that requires assured dry weather, making it the ideal project for summer. So, if you want to add value to your home, impress your new neighbourhood, and express your own personality, then picking up a paintbrush is an incredibly simple way to go about it.

Make A Garden Building

Garden buildings, such as annexes and log cabins, have become some of the most popular investments among homeowners. Recent developments have led them to become more robust, comfortable, and, importantly, affordable, with the added benefit of being remarkably easy to install. With only an afternoon’s work, a resident is able to have their own private escape or an external office space added to their home. Though, it might have to replace the shed if you’re stuck for space.

Repair Your Roof

Repairs are seldom the most glamorous of projects and roofs, in particular, are among the most neglected. However, it is an incredibly important job. If you do not keep a close eye on your roofing, as well as accompanying drains, then you could later encounter a much worse issue, one that is costly and requires significant work to repair.

Install New Windows

The modernisation of windows has done amazing things for energy bills, with a well-made double glaze working to keep your home much warmer than alternatives. If you find yourself with a home that does not have appropriate windows, this should be a summer priority because even a single old frame or a draughty door panel can cost you great amounts of money and comfort during winter.

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