Five Tips to Maintain Your Wooden Furniture

When you go furniture shopping, you will find so many different types of material for both home and office furniture. The modern furniture materials are lightweight and sleek, very much in accordance with modern aesthetics. However, nothing beats the elegance and sophistication of wooden furniture. Humans have used wooden furniture the longest, and it is still as desirable.

To keep that old-world charm of wooden furniture everlasting, you need to maintain them properly. Wooden furniture decay with time, wood-eating bugs can cause damage to them. Therefore, you might consider getting termite and carpenter ants control to save your wooden furniture.

You can further follow these five tips to care for your wooden furniture.

Tip 1: Keep Your Furniture Clean

A very easy but effective way to maintain your wooden items is to keep them squeaky clean. Dust your furniture regularly. Never let dust particles collect on them. Do not stop at the surface. Clean all the crevices and undersides of the furniture too. Dust and dirt do not contribute to your room’s beauty anyway.

Using a dry, soft cotton cloth is ideal for cleaning wooden furniture. You can also use mild soap mixed in warm water for extensive cleaning. However, do not soak the furniture longer than it needs.

Tip 2: Keep Them Polished

A fundamental method to save your wooden furniture from termites is to polish them. Polishing wooden furniture with oil and wax protects it from harmful bugs that can hollow out your wooden furniture. These bugs not only diminish its beauty but can also make the furniture weak. Polishing can extend the furniture’s longevity.

Polishing wooden furniture also gives it a nice varnish that looks graceful. You can do this once in a few months to protect your wooden items.

Tip 3: Keep It Away From Sun

Bugs are not the only thing that harms your wooden furniture. Extreme exposure to sunlight can also cause damage. Wooden objects acquire dark and light spots across the surface if it receives a lot of the sun for a long time.

One solution is to keep it away from direct sunlight. The other solution is to keep your wooden objects covered.

Tip 4: Keep Them Away From Extreme Temperature

Wooden furniture suffers from exposure to extreme temperature. Too hot or too cold objects can damage the product or even leave marks on it. You might see a damaged texture on the surface if you keep hot or cold items on it regularly.

Also, note that moisture causes damage to wooden furniture. You can either clean your furniture regularly or keep it away from places where it might receive heat or cold.

Tip 5: Keep Sharp Object Away

Wooden objects are prone to scratch marks. So try to keep any sharp object away from it. Once it receives any scratch mark, it is irreversible. It will not affect the aesthetics of the wooden furniture drastically.


Final Advice

There are woods that change color with time. So ask about the wood’s aging process before you make the final purchase.

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