Toilet clogging is a common plumbing problem many homeowners encounter from time to time. It is not only messy, but it can also damage plumbing pipes, flooring and lead to costly repairs. Toilet clogging can be very devastating. You don’t want to imagine all that human waste spewing all over your toilet seat and bathroom and the inconvenience it can cause.

There are only two things that you should flush down the toilet: toilet paper and human waste. Even flushing too much at ago can cause a clog to form. Thankfully, you can avoid most toilet problems by following these simple tips.

Know what to flush

Many people flush things down the toilets without knowing that they can clog the toilet. That includes paper towels, napkins, face tissues, coffee grounds, hair, floss, grease, medication, and other hygiene products. When you flush such materials, they sit in the waste pipes, block other materials you flush until a clog forms eventually, which can cause your toilet to overflow.

If a material does not disintegrate in water, it is not flushable. If you are unsure if an item is flushable or not, put it in a bowl of water and leave it to see if it will disintegrate. If not, it is not flushable.

Clean your toilet regularly

You must clean your toilet regularly with a mild cleaner. That is how you identify if it has a problem or not. Vinegar, baking soda, or mild toilet cleaning products are great for cleaning your toilet and killing bacteria. Again, if you do not clean your toilet, it might be hard to know if the water on your bathroom floor is from the shower or a leaking toilet.

Keep the toilet tank clear.

While some people use the toilet tank as a shelf for placing different toilet use items, it is not safe. You can unconsciously knock one of the items into the bowl and flush it down unknowingly. That can clog your toilet. Keep the toilet tank clear of items that may slip down the drain accidentally.

Proper flushing

Proper flushing is vital to avoid toilet problems. Sometimes a clogged toilet can be a result of flushing too much toilet roll down the drain. Do not flush large wards with only one flush to prevent them from balling up and forming a clog. Also, train your kids not to drop items such as toys in the toilet bowl.

Use quality toilet paper.

Consider the quality of toilet paper you use. Toilet paper that does not break down easily can clog your toilet. To prevent such problems, only use the best toilet roll that disintegrates faster once it is in the toilet bowl and only flush as much toilet paper as necessary.

Address slow drains early

When you notice your toilet is draining water slowly or a weak flush, it indicates a slowly forming clog at the waste pipe. Call a plumber before things get worse. You can also plunge slow or weak flush problems as they occur before they deteriorate.

Do not fix a leaking toilet by yourself.

Do not be quick to fix a leaking toilet by yourself. Call a qualified plumber instead. Toilet leaks could indicate a bigger problem with your plumbing system.

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