What is Modern Cottage Style? How to Incorporate It Into Your Contemporary Home

Many people love cottage homes. And, what is there to not love? It is small, cute and very appealing. You can easily recognise a cottage home from its comfortable look, beautifully decorated furniture pieces with a weathered finish, use of natural materials, graceful lines, and soft pastel colours. All the colours used in this home interior design can be found in a vibrant and colourful garden. It has a more informal look and gives your bedroom or living room interior design a countryside feel. If you are planning to give your contemporary living room or bedroom a cottage style interior design, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 06 Only choose colours that have a warm and earthy feel

Colours play a very crucial role in setting the mood and tone of your contemporary living room or bedroom. To give your home interiors a cottage-style look, you must choose colours that make the space appear more welcoming and warm. Your primary focus should be to create a very homely feel. There are various options available in the market you can consider exploring like natural wood, cream, white, grey, soft plaster pinks, etc. Any warm earthy tone can help you to create the right mood required in cottage-style home interiors.

02 of 06 Choose vintage furniture pieces for your kitchen

You can use traditional items to give your home interior a cottage-like feel. To create a cottage-style home design, traditional furniture pieces can be a great solution. Choose beautifully designed furniture pieces for your kitchen to make it appear more welcoming and inviting. However, appearance is not the only prime factor you have to take into consideration when choosing furniture for your cottage-style home interiors. You must only pick comfortable pieces for your bedroom or living room interior design. This will help to ensure that your guests or family members feel comfortable when eating or spending time in the kitchen. For creating an aesthetically appealing cottage-style home interior, you can display a few wildflowers in vases on your rustic farmhouse table.

03 of 06 Use nature-printed decorations

Using nature-printed decorations will help you to give your home interiors a cottage-like feel. To introduce more prints in your home interiors, you can consider opting for wallpapers instead of painting the walls. There are wallpapers available in the market that you can get for your bedroom or living room walls that will give it a more rural effect. Similarly, you must choose fabrics for your home interiors that feature flora and fauna. By combining all these nature-printed decorations, you can truly capture the charm of the countryside.

04 of 06 Get renovated furniture pieces

Although vintage furniture pieces are great for a cottage-style bedroom or living room interior design, you can explore other options as well. One reason for doing so can be your budget. Buying new furniture pieces will cost you a lot of money. If you have a low budget and are looking for affordable options, you can consider renovating a furniture piece yourself. Just Google ‘DIY furniture for cottage style home’ and you will get tons of results. However, it is understandable that many of you will not have the time or skill to perform this task. In such cases, you simply buy an old furniture piece and give it a french finish. This will restore the look of your furniture.

05 of 06 Create a separate space for reading

Adding a bookshelf to your living room interior design will not only make it more functional but also aesthetically appealing. A bookshelf will allow you to introduce more wood elements into your home design, which is a primary characteristic of a cottage-style home. Depending on your needs, you can get a bookshelf that reaches all the way from the floor to the ceiling. This will allow you to keep all the books well-organised and give the room a very warm feel as well. Place a comfortable chair nearby and a floor lamp for creating a beautiful and cosy reading spot in your home. You can add a few throw pillows and a blanket to further add to the comfort. If the bookshelf is not full, you can display a few small decor pieces on it as well.

06 of 06 Create a beautiful garden

Paying attention to your indoors only is not sufficient. You have to make sure that your home exterior is complementing the indoor look as well. For the outdoors, create a beautiful, informal, and dense garden. You can use almost any plant to create this garden. From choosing edible plants to beautiful flower-growing plants, you have innumerous choices to create a rural look.

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